Home Staging

What is home staging?

Home Staging turns your home into salable condition, which means that your home is presented in such a way that it is made as attractive as possible for the widest possible public. The possible purchasers need to imagine themselves as if they are already living in the house, they normally deside in the first seconds if they want to buy the property and there is only one first impression.

Residing a house it converts into your home with your personal belongings and the atmosphere that suits you. Many potential buyers find it difficult to look through that personal atmosphere and identify the strengths that make your house so special. Myra from Myma Home Staging will look at your home objectively, through the eyes of the buyer, and can help you with personal advice to present your property at its best. Often a big improvement can be made with small adjustments to your current furniture but sometimes it is better to add something to get a positive effect. Home Staging can be done with every budget but it is always cheaper than reducing the selling price with thousands of euros.

With budget-friendly tips and advice, including the use of colour, furniture layout, tidying up, use of accessories lighting, that your home stager gives you, you can make the improvements yourself or Myra can assist you if you wish.

Decoration of an empty house or apartment

It is difficult to sell an empty house since potential buyers can´t easily imagine how large or intimate the house might look like with furniture. It’s also hard to determine the purpose of a room: would it be best to use it as an office or extra bedroom? Myma Home Staging will rent the right furniture and accessories for temporary use so that your house is made attractive to the widest possible public within your budget.

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Decoration of  your second home or prepare it to rent it out

If you would like to decorate your second home or your vacation property but you don´t have enough time to do the job yourself, Myra of Myma Home Staging can professionally help you. She has many years of experience in renting holiday apartments so she knows well what needs to be given to obtain a comfortable and an easy to maintain interior.
Contact without compromise to convert your wishes into a stylish and practical home.

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Home staging for brokerage

It is statistically proven that staged houses do sell faster and at a better price. In the United States, and also in the North of Europe, the normal way to prepare a house is by staging it.

As a real estate broker you see many different looking houses every day and with your experience you know that the price is not the only important tool in selling a property. Myma Home Staging will help you to stand out from the competition with suggestions to present your client’s home in its most favourable light.

A number of advantages of cooperation with Myma Home Staging will be:

The benefits of homestaging are clearly demonstrated!!

Would you like to make homestaging a standard part of the offered services to your customers or do you like to discuss the possibilities for home staging and real estate agencies? Then please contact Myma Home Staging.

Myra Bakker