What is the home stagers working process?

With Myma Home Staging you can choose your personal consultation depending on your budget and requirements. This can range from comprehensive verbal advise to the full coverage by Myma Home Staging.

*Basic Consultation

Consists of a 2-3 hour visit to your house. After a small tour with your home stager she will then go through your house and make an extensive diagnosis of each space/room (interior & exterior). Thereafter, she will explain you, room by room the improvements that can be made giving you specific tips and advice. Then you can do the job yourself or let Myra expertly carry it out for you.

Fee Basic Consultation:   € 150,- for an apartment (up to 3 spaces/rooms)**
  € 190,- for a house (upto 3 spaces/rooms)
Fee for an extra room: € 30,-
**3 rooms is the equivalent of 1 lounge, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathroom

*Basic Consultation extra

The same procedure as with a Basic Consultation but is supplemented by a written report detailing the diagnosis of each room in terms of clutter, cleanliness, focal points, general atmosphere, paintwork, colour advice (including colour numers), lighting, upholstery, furniture layout and walldecoration per room.
Fee Basic Consultation extra:  € 350,- for an apartment (upto 3 spaces/rooms)
  € 390,- for a house (upto 3 spaces/rooms)
Fee for an extra room:   € 50,-

*Short Consultation

Consists of a one-hour visit maximum to the house during which any problems will be analyzed. Verbal advice and solutions are immediately discussed with the owner. This consultation is specifically for the “finishing touch” usually prior to a visit from a potential buyer or a photo/film report.

Fee Short Consultation: € 85,- for an apartment
  € 95,- for a house

*Photography of your house

The first impression is decisive, many potential buyers orientate themselves first on the internet. An optimum presentation of your house with good and clear pictures are very important. Myma Home Staging provides the photography and delivers 10 pictures on CD. (In combination with Basic Consultation or Short Consultation homestaging).

Fee photography: € 95,-

*Carrying-out the recommendations by Myma Home Staging

Of course you can choose to manage the whole process yourself, or you can ask your homestager to partly or fully coordinate the project.

Fee per hour: € 90,-
Fee per day:   € 490,- (6 hours)

*Shopping advice

If you have no time or opportunity to buy the right accessories to optimize the decoration of your house, Myma Home Staging will help you with pleasure to do the shopping and choose the most appropriate furniture, lighting, fabrics etc.

Fee per hour: € 90,-
Fee per day:  € 490,- (6 hours)

Listed prices include VAT payable in advance.
Travel costs within a radius of 30km around Torremolinos are included. Beyond € 0,29 per km.

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